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Motor Skills

Posted on October 11, 2017

by Preston Pires on October 11, 2017

"Motor Skills"

During the first half of the semester, students have been working on their motor skills and eye-hand coordination, and footwork. The development of each student's eye-hand coordination and body control is important as it will allow each student to be successful in the upcoming units involving a lot of movements involving throwing and catching.


The Kindergarteners have been gaining better body control and movements by exploring different pathways through obstacle courses and ladders. The obstacle course involved balanced beams that allowed students to explore various ways of balancing their body weight. Also, students had to jump and run in and out hexagons, which help them gain the concepts of pathways like zig-zag, around, inside, and outside. The obstacle course allowed students to utilize their different locomotor skills too.



As students have gotten better body control, they are starting to explore the proper techniques of an underhand toss and overhand throw. Students performed the underhand toss through a bean bag and bucket toss game. After students learned how to perform an underhand toss, they transferred their technique into a bowling unit. During the bowling unit students demonstrated their accuracy with an underhand roll attempting to knock bowling pins down.


Multiage 1st and 2nd Grade


The 1st and 2nd graders have been refining their throwing and catching techniques through station work and culminating activities. Stations involved baskets catching, bean bag bucket toss, octopus knockdown, rebounder ball, reaction balls, football targets, and partner overhand toss. Students were able to gain many repetitions throwing to many different targets at different levels and ways. The 1st and 2nd graders gained the concept of utilizing an athletic position to increase their ability to react to balls going in different directions.



As the 1st and 2nd graders became more consistent with their throwing and catching techniques, they used those skills in games like "Touchdown" and "Cleaning out the Backyard." Both games also promoted the concepts of teamwork and sportsmanship with classmates.


Multiage 3rd and 4th Grade

IMG_9648 2.JPG

The 3rd and 4th graders have been incorporating their motor skills in activities involving speed ball, Tchoukball, Triangle ball, and Wall Ball. Speed Ball is a game involving soccer and football. Students could score goals by kicking or catching passes like touchdowns. The promoted the use of various offensive and defensive strategies. Students were able to utilize their problem solving skills to promote teamwork and sportsmanship amongst their classmates. Tchoukball, Triangle ball, and Wall helped increase each student's ability to react and catch balls bouncing and being thrown in various directions. Tchoukball is a game where students throw and catch off a rebounder against other students. The object of the game is to catch the ball off the rebounder net after the other team has thrown the ball off the rebounder. The other team gets a point if the ball hits the ground. Triangle ball has the same concept except students throw the ball off a pyramid. Wall ball is a game where students throw a tennis ball off the wall and the other must catch the ball after one bounce. If the ball bounces more than once, the other team gets a point.




5th Grade

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The fifth graders have been exploring lifetime activities involving modified handball, frisbee golf, and ultimate frisbee. Modified handball is a combination of basketball, soccer, and football. Students are able to score by kicking or throwing a ball into the goal. Handball promotes a lot of teamwork utilizing proper spacing to execute offensive and defensive strategies. Students were not allowed to run with the ball, so they had to figure out efficient to progress the ball up the court to a goal. Defensively, students had to use good communication as the game involved multiple balls at a time. Various teams experimented with man to man and zone defense concepts.


The frisbee golf unit allowed students to learn the proper techniques of a backhand and forehand throw with a frisbee. After students gained control over the frisbee they transferred their skills into a ultimate frisbee unit. Students had to progress the frisbee up and down the ball field to score a touchdown. During the game, students utilized offensive and defensive strategies to execute proper spacing and teamwork.