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"Jumping and Running For A Cause"

Posted on February 27, 2017

by Preston Pires on February 27, 2017

"Jumping and Running For A Cause"

Congratulation to the Mid-Pacific Institute Ohana, as January and February were full of accomplishments in our physical education classes. The elementary school had their annual Jump Rope for Heart on February 10th, which raised $18, 357.65 for the American Heart Association. Students have been working on various jump rope and basketball skills during to class to show case their abilities during their stations at the main event. Parents from the Na Pueo Ohana graciously assisted with the equipment, stations, and refreshments.The event was capped off with various grade level endurance contest, which students performed beyond expectations.



Students learned various jumping skills involving short ropes, long ropes, Chinese jump ropes, hurdles, ladders, and hexagons. Each student was to able to improve on their endurance that allowed them to be more efficient with their agility, footwork, and coordination. Some students developed the ability to perform high level tricks like the helicopter and creative routines involving small groups and partners. Some students will have these routines display at our upcoming Grandparents Day.



The basketball skills that students have been working on involved a lot of ball handling and shooting. Students learned how to do various drills and games that have helped them develop the necessary skill to participate in a functional game. Students enjoyed two-ball dribbling drills that encouraged them to utilize both hands. Various obstacle courses helped students have the ability to change directions while dribbling. Games like dribble knockout help students to be aware of their surroundings and protecting their ball while dribbling. The fundamentals of shooting was reinforced through various shooting games like Hot Shot. The shooting game allowed to students to demonstrate proper shooting form and concept of following their shot. Now that students have a basic foundation of basketball, the older grades have started to apply these skill into a game situation during class. The 5th graders started developing their own offensive and defensive strategies during a mini-class tournament.


The annual Keiki Fun Run was the other big event that many parents and students participated in on February 18th. A group of 60 Mid-Pacific parents and students laced up their running shoes and completed a 1.5 mile run around the Neal Blaisdell Center. The event consisted of large group schools and families from around the island of Oahu. Parents and students helped raise awareness maintaining healthy active lifestyles and supporting Physical Education programs.



Thank you to all the students, parents, teachers, and staff that helped make our 2017 Jump Rope for Heart and Keiki Fun Run a success!

Jump Rope for Heart Video: