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Staying Active

Posted on November 7, 2016

by Preston Pires on November 7, 2016

"Staying Active"

Physical Education continues to be filled with many beneficial activities promoting fitness. Students have been working on various throwing and catching skills sets incorporated into several lead up games and lifetime activities. Students are building their basic motor skills to allow them to function efficiently in various activities to utilize offensive and defensive strategies.


The kindergartners have been working on their throwing and catching skills through various throwing stations. Students are now able to identify the cues for an underhand and overhand throw. The underhand throw was reinforced with bowling activities in the dining hall as we experienced multiple days of rain. Students practiced the overhand throw with tail balls, rubber balls, and gator balls. The tail balls allowed students to see the path of their ball as they threw for distance. The rubber balls were used for partner catching and throwing. The gator balls were utilized in a octopus knockdown station to help reinforce accuracy.

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Multiage 1st and 2nd Grade

The 1st and 2nd graders have been reviewing their catching and throwing skills through a lot of stations that helped their reaction time. The 1st and 2nd learned how to be in an athletic position after throwing a ball as it helps them get ready to catch. Students realized that an athletic position can be used in all sports. Students practiced their reaction and use of their of their athletic position with rebounder nets and playing wall ball with triangular shaped rubber balls.





Multiage 3rd and 4th Grade

The 3rd and 4th graders used their throwing and catching skills in triangle ball and modified tchoukball. Triangle ball involved students throwing a small rubber ball offer a pyramid shaped structure. Tchoukball is a game where students used two rebounder nets, which a rubber ball was thrown at in different angles. The students opponent would attempt to catch their ball off the net. The two games taught students how to use different throwing angles, spin, and force to cause a ball to move in different directions. Also, students utilized an athletic position to react and catch the different throws coming off the nets and triangle ball pyramid.




Grade 5

The 5th graders continue to explore various lifetime activities, such as ultimate frisbee that promotes lifelong fitness. Students learned how to properly throw a frisbee at different distances and angles. During the ultimate frisbee, students worked on spatial concepts and strategies to utilize all their classmates. Students on defense learned person- to-person concepts by marking defenders. Students on offense learn how to pass and move in open space to avoid defenders. The knowledge students have gained about creating space will be beneficial to our future team sport units.