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Creating Imagery in Writing

Posted on October 19, 2017

by Audrey Oserow on October 19, 2017

A few weeks ago, Mid-Pacific had the honor of hosting Georgia Heard, author of numerous books on teaching the craft of writing, to model writing lessons for our teachers and students.

Inspired by Georgia Heard's visit, we focused on the revision process of writing this week. Revision involves looking back at an existing piece of writing, thinking through the ideas that are contained within the piece, and ensuring the written ideas clearly portray the main idea or "heart" of the story. Specifically, our process focused on taking a story that tells about a moment in the author's life and changing it into a story that incorporates the senses to create imagery in the readers' minds.

To begin, the children identified a personal narrative story from their collection and reread it, reflecting on the moment they had described. We activated their background knowledge about the five senses and discussed how adding sensory details can create images in a reader's mind. I asked the children to revisit the moment from their personal narrative story and envision it in their minds. As they visualized I prompted them to think about what smells, sounds, feelings, tastes and sights they might have experienced when they were in that moment.




The children then went back to their journals with their newfound sensory details fresh in their minds. The resulting stories that emerged were much more detailed and focused on the hearts of their stories.

To conclude our writing time at the close of each day, the children enjoyed sharing their writing pieces with one another. This part of our writing time is valuable because it provides children with the opportunity to receive peer feedback about their writing and for the audience members to learn new things from the authentic writing of their peers.



We are looking forward to sharing these beautiful, descriptive writing pieces that are emerging in the coming weeks.

Reminders for the weeks ahead:

  • Monday, October 30th: Class Pumpkin Carving: Please see the signup genius from Christine's email if you would like to volunteer.
  • Tuesday, October 31st: Spooktivity: We are looking forward to seeing you there!