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A Visit to Kamanele Park

Posted on October 13, 2017

by Audrey Oserow on October 13, 2017

After our discussions last week citing that an amount of time can be a reason that a place is special, the children made a connection to the archaeological dig taking place near campus, in which an archaeologist and team of high school students are searching for ancient artifacts. After this meaningful connection, it was the perfect opportunity to take a visit to Kamanele Park and the archeological dig site occurring nearby. The children went into the visit with the lens of how the relationship that people, feelings, and time have with a place can contribute to its sacredness. They were equipped with their iPads and learning logs to document their thinking along the way. We had the serendipitous opportunity to be at the park and dig site at the same time as the archeologist, high school students, and their teacher, Ms. Johnson. It was powerful for the children to hear the questions of the archeologist and high school students, and for the first and second graders to share a few of their own.

Their wonderings included:

Why is there writing on the tree?

What is a heiau? Why were they built?

Is this rock wall natural or human-made?

How old is the rock wall?

A few children even began to formulate theories about the place, citing observations they had collected on their visit. Here are a few moments from our visit. Stay tuned as the children continue on this learning journey.