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Our Place: Mid-Pacific

Posted on September 22, 2017

by Audrey Oserow on September 22, 2017

At our all-school assembly last week, the children had the opportunity to hear of an archaeological excavation that is unfolding near Kamanele Park.


We were honored to participate in a blessing by Kahu Davis and then headed back to our classroom to reflect on and discuss the children's interpretations of the morning presentation. The children shared insight into the blessing such as:

Kahu blessed the ground before it got digged up.

Kahu said thank you for Mid-Pacific.

He talked about how to respect the ground by digging it up carefully.

That place is special because that place is ancient to Mid-Pacific. It means it is old.

Kahu was doing a prayer to the ground.

They blessed the ground because with the mountains, they can reach higher to God.

The morning's experience led the children to contemplate, What makes a place have value or sacredness? The children were given the opportunity to reflect on this idea through art.

A few of their representations and explanations of their thinking are shared below.


I like the tire swing because it is fast. I like the playground because I can play with my friends who are in different classes. I like the CE house because we can play there every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. I like where the swings and climbing place are because I see it everytime I go to Mid-Pacific. I like my classroom because I like my classmates. It's my favorite places.


I did my dad's classroom because my dad works here and he has been working here for 3 years. Because my dad works here and he does a lot of things for me to come to this school because I go with him. So I think it is special.


This is the aloha mountain and I drew these dark lines so it would look more 3D. I drew the Aloha Mountain because it is a special place because you can go on it and be higher, you can be closer to God.


This is my special place and it's by the gate when I can see it every single morning when I come to school and it makes me happy because my grandma likes it too. It's a park. I like when I climb on the bars and when I climb on the bars I feel like I'm climbing on a mountain because it's high.


I remember Mid-Pacific is a great place and plus a big place. I know there's lots of classrooms and stuff in there, including I drawed the road that leads to the parking. I know that I forgot the classrooms so I put them there and me, outside. That's me right there. The most important place is where they are going to dig because they may find some things they really want to see probably. I drawed the classroom that is from 6012. I drawed an owl. I like learning here.


I drew the playground and I drew the fence next to the playground. I drew when you come in the classroom in Mid-Pacific you see trees and then there are classrooms, bathrooms and a PE court. I chose the playground because it is fun, there are slides and a tire swing, and the basketball court because I like to play sports like basketball.


We will continue to explore the ideas of sacredness of place, what makes a place have worth to someone, and how places serve a critical role in the design of our personal identities.