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Our Lives Tell Stories

Posted on September 15, 2017

by Audrey Oserow on September 15, 2017

Our exploration of the relationship between identity and place continues as we look at specific aspects of our identities. The children reflect on who they are and how they can describe themselves using adjectives. They organized these thoughts into acrostic poems of their names.

Thank you for supporting our learning journey at home through sharing the story of your child's name. The children are looking forward to sharing this aspect of their identity with the class in the week ahead.


Exploring the genre of personal narrative writing has been a natural extension of the introspective look the children are taking into their identities and the way they live their lives. We've begun looking at the interesting stories that are embedded within each of our lives, from losing a tooth to learning how to fish. The children are immersed in brainstorming new topics and fleshing out detailed stories about specific moments in their lives. These shared, written moments are pieces of each child's unique identities. We will continue to explore different aspects of identity and how they tell about who we are.



In the coming week we will be attending the play, The Ballad of Mulan by the Honolulu Theatre for Youth. Please have your child wear their collared shirt to school on Wednesday.