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Prepping for Our Stream Work

Posted on October 22, 2017

by Ms. LeBlanc on October 22, 2017


This week Corey Yap returned to train us for our upcoming field trip to Manoa Stream. We will be going to capture invasive fish that do not belong in the stream. Turns out there is a very specific way to capture these fish. He explained the 3 roles we will play and where we need to be positioned. A third of the class will be upstream, a third will be mid-stream and the remaining third will be down stream.



In this week's photos, you can see your child holding equipment and getting comfortable with the equipment on dry land. Corey is providing instruction on how to hold and maneuver the equipment. The students were able to select their job and practiced working together. We learned that safety is the number one priority of the day, with my role being the over=all safety director.


Corey asked the class about what cooperative learning looks like in the classroom, and then described what it looks like in the stream. The expectations are that we work together, move together and communicate clearly with each other. corey and a grad student will be in charge the whole time and will give us very precise instructions and our job as a class is to listen and work together.


Noio 1 assured him that they will be safe and will listen to him closely. I was impressed at how well they listened when he explained their roles and how seriously they took the dry run. Be sure to ask your child what job they are tasked with and what that entails. A letter will be in the homework folders tomorrow describing what needs to be brought and worn to school on this Wednesday, October 25 for the field trip. If for some reason your child isn't feeling well that day,

unnamed-11.jpgplease keep them home and phone Mrs. Chang in the office to inform us. Mr. Yap is requesting that everyone get a good night's sleep on Tuesday night and eat a healthy breakfast since conducting stream work requires all of us to be alert and focused. I for one, can hardly wait to be out in the field making a difference, I know your children are excited as well.