Open House 2017 - Mid-Pacific Institute

3/4 LeBlanc

Open House 2017

Posted on September 10, 2017

by Ms. LeBlanc on September 10, 2017

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Mahalo, parents, for not only perfect attendance at this week's Open House, but also your attention, willingness to participate, and kind remarks. Many of you commented that you liked the new format with all of the multi-age 3/4 teachers presenting the curriculum portion of the night together in the Wilcox Dining Room. One parent told me she felt reassured that the approach we take is similar in all of our classrooms and that it was clear to her that we share the same philosophical approach to teaching. It is quite remarkable to teach at a school where not only do we share in our philosophies of teaching and assessment, but also in the ways we regard children, interact with them, and nuture them with their social, emotional and spiritual growth.

I'd also like to reiterate one of my main points from Open House -- that this truly is a partnership that we are forming between parents and your child's teacher. The home-school connection is crucial to establishing your child on the path to reaching the goals of our Learner Profile. While many schools implement character or values education, we at Mid-Pacific are making a deliberate and concerted effort to ensure that every student will be able to show evidence as to how they are an effective communicator, considerate collaborator, or thoughtful community member. As I requested at Open House, I'd like you to partner with me in also implementing some of our learner profile outcomes at home as well.

While I've always valued the quote, "It takes a village to raise a child," I've never been more convinced that it is indeed true. I firmly believe that children, teens, and young adults need to hear consistent and see consistent messages from all the adults in their lives. We posed this question to you at Open House: "What attributes do you feel your child needs to become a successful adult?" Some of your answers included grit, risk taking, kindness, deep thinking, and the majority of you nodded in agreement when the last parent shared that she wanted her daughter to be happy. My response was that while we all want our children to be happy, we also want them to know how to cope and have strategies in place when they experience the full gamut of emotions that may not always include happiness.

I returned to Noio 1 this week to be greeted with ear-to-ear grins, strong bear hugs, and every student telling me they were happy I was back. While community building and routine establishing is ongoing in any classroom, we are now ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work with the deep learning I have planned for this school year. I am honored and blessed to be taking this journey with you all.