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Grade 5

Lei of our Unique Gifts

Posted on September 3, 2017

by Ms. Byrne on September 3, 2017

During our teacher retreat this year, we were all asked to bring in an aritifact that represents how we see ourselves as Artists, Individuals, and Innovators, and how it is reflected in our teaching. We were inspired by one of our fellow teachers who shared a beautiful image she created of a wreath of unique flowers. Each one of those flowers was different, but each one was its own special kind of beautiful. We loved that metaphor and shared it with the class. Each child created their own unique flower to represent themselves. Some were based onactual flowers, and some were totally made up.



When all our flowers were complete, we created a lei to symbolize our unity, beauty, and strength as a group. Before each child (and teacher) strung their flower onto the lei, they shared a unique gift that they would be giving to the class.

Here are some of the gifts they offered:

I will listen to my teachers and my friends.

My gift is to be respectful to everyone.

My gift is to be joyful.

My gift is my positivity and my imagination.

At my lunch table I am going to talk to everyone.

I am going to try my best.

My gift to you is to be encouraging to other people.

I am going to be kind.

I will work well with whoever I'm with.

My gift is to listen to everyone's ideas.

My unique gift to all is I will always look on the bright side of everything.

My gift to the class is I will make eye contact to whoever is talking.

I will always try to solve problems.





Our beautiful lei will be up for you to enjoy at Open House. See you Thursday, 6:00pm, in the dining room!