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Grade 5

Let's go get our knowledge on!

Posted on August 25, 2017

by Ms. Jenkins on August 25, 2017

What began as witnessing natural phenomenon has blossomed into engaged, curious, and passionate learning experriences. The students came into the classroom early Monday morning. They watched the shadow of the moon travel across the nation, inspiring so many questions: Why did only certain parts of the country see a total eclipse and why did we only see a partial eclispe? Why do we only see one half of the moon? How long does it take for the moon to travel around the sun? Why don't we have a solar eclipse more often?

By Friday, the list of questions grew! They began researching and exploring the solar eclipse but also began discovering information about the solar system, black holes, galaxies, how planets got their names, as well as other space related topics. Their fascination, excitement, and joy of learning was evident as one student shared with a friend on their way to begin their work: "Let's go get our knowledge on!" What a great thing to overhear students say to each other.

We will share more as this fascinating inquiry unfolds.