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Elements of a Creative, Fun Art Class

Posted on August 18, 2017

by Abbey Day on August 18, 2017

It's great to be back! I was so excited for the start of the school year and to see all the students again. Before the children were let in on the first day, I wondered how they might have grown, what experiences they had, and what new interests they might show. One of the greatest gifts of being a specialst teacher is that we get to work with the same students, year after year and see how they change. It has been a joy to reconnect and meet new students this first week.

Before beginning with any art projects or inquiries, we first needed to figure out what we need to have a fun, creative art class. With partners, students discussed what they need from their classmates, themselves, the art room, and me. We pooled these answers to create a big mind map. Each class participated in this discussion and I will combine their answers to see which responses were most common. From those responses, we will have our art rules set for the year.

Class Needs.jpg

Working with the same partner, students then took part in a drawing get-to-know-you-game. Each student had to draw their response to a question such as, "If you were to wake up tomorrow and be an animal other than human, what would it be?" While drawing, their partner guessed their response. Students used this time to focus on kind language, turning attention back to the teacher when needed, and taking care of materials.




It was then time for the children to have a chance to explore the art room. Students were introduced to some new mindful choice options that they may revisit throughout the year if they finish a project early, or if we have extra time. They eagerly built, drew, colored, and played with one another.






IMG_0063 2.jpg

I'm looking forward to a fun, creative, expressive year of art with your children!