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Encouraging our team

Posted on April 5, 2017

by Ms. Abe on April 5, 2017


Mid-Pacific has so many wonderful sports teams -- softball, volleyball, water polo, judo -- just to name a few of the Spring sports! We in the elementary love it when these big student athletes come to eat lunch with us and play with us at recess. We number amongst their biggest fans.

The past few years we have made a banner for the baseball team because of their close proximity; as you know, we share their large, beautiful, grassy outfield that is next to our play structure.

Our legendary Varsity baseball team has been having an atypically challenging time this season. I asked the kindergartners how the players might feel. Their little hands shot up with empathy: "sad," "mad," "disappointed," "frustrated," "upset." (I am so proud that our five and six-year olds can readily rattle off so many words to describe the emotions of the situation!) One added, "VERY sad." Another said, "I was watching a basketball team on TV and after they lost, the players had their heads down like this [demonstrating]. They feel like that."

We brainstormed what they could write on the banner to encourage the baseball team. I mentioned to them that it had to be something that appplied whether the team won or lost the game. They collectively paused to think. One student commented, "This is hard!" I agreed. It is a delicate situation, and it takes brainpower to be intentionally kind.

Here are some of the words they wrote:

* We love you!

* You can do it!

* Fight to win!

* Don't give up!

* Let's go Owls!

* Go, go, go, go!

* Have a fun game!

* You got this, Owls!

One drew a picture of the bases and a smiling stick figure with his hands in the air near home plate. "He just hit a home run and is running around the bases," the student explained. Many drew hearts and owls.

Ms. Amanda, our elementary maintenance worker, told me that in past years, the boys - even being high school boys- lined up along the banner and took time to carefully look at all the little drawings and read all the scrawls the children had written. We are hoping to bless the team again.

Everyone has winning days and not-so-winning days. It's important to practice and know what to say to encourage others either way. The kindergartners were more than happy to put their care into action for our fellow Owls in the high school!

P.S. Our annual Earth Day Book Swap is next month, during the last two weeks of school. If you are cleaning out your book shelves before them, I can hold books for your child so he can use them for Book Swap next month. Please feel free to leave the books at the office with my name and your child's name attached to it. Thank you! More information about Book Swap will come in May.