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Mid-Pacific seniors come to visit/ Book Swap

Posted on May 13, 2016

by Ms. Abe on May 13, 2016


Our first and second graders have been talking about disappointment. It is so important to know that disappointment happens at any age, and we need to have healthy strategies in place to deal with disappointment.

This past month we were blessed to have Alyssa S. and Justin D., both Mid-Pacific seniors, come talk to our first and second graders about disappointment. Alyssa and Justin shared that although there will be times of disappointment where you just cry and cry because you feel so disappointed (and they both shared heartbreaking experiences!), disappointment can make you want to work and train harder. Sometimes we can be disappointed when opportunities close, but God opens up doors that are even better. And remember to try to stay positive because when there's nothing else you can do, you might as well be positive. They also shared strategies that helped them feel better, like talk with someone (your mom, a friend because friends are going through the same things you are, a teacher - "teachers are there to help you") or pray.

I was so impressed by Alyssa and Justin - Mid-Pacific produces such truly outstanding men and women. They were so gracious, so patient, so open with what they have gone through. We were inspired by their visit. We wish them all the best in their future endeavors!


(This information should be emailed to you very soon if it hasn't gone out already.)

Dear Families,

Our annual Book Swap starts this week Monday, May 16, through the end of school. Students will have an opportunity to swap their gently-used books during their Character Education class.

If students bring a book, they can swap it and take home a "new" book! They can bring in just one book or as many books as they wish. At first, children who bring more than five books will be able to take home only five books, but if they wish to return towards the end of the book swap, they can take home as many as they brought in.

Or if your child loves all his books at home and can't find one he wants to swap, it's perfectly fine not to participate.

Any books preschool level through 5th grade would be appropriate.

Last year the children loved browsing through all the books and being able to choose their very own book to take home. Let's put Reduce-Reuse-Recycle into action!


Lori Abe