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Helping our community

Posted on September 17, 2015

by Ms. Abe on September 17, 2015

The third and fourth graders will be starting their KKIDS and HUGSS duties soon. They perform an important role by helping others in our Mid-Pacific and Manoa communities.

KKIDS (Kids with Kinder Kids) started when Mid-Pacific elementary moved to the Mānoa campus. The third graders begin duty at 7:00 am and walk the kindergartners to the Dining Room. In CE we talked about being ready to help and the importance of greeting the kindergartners by smiling and asking kind questions. We brainstormed possible questions they could ask to help these little ones feel welcome as they arrive at school.

HUGSS (Help Us Grow with Service & Smiles) started back at Epiphany School. I don't know what year it started, but when I was a 6th grade teacher in 1993, my students did HUGSS duty. I asked the students whom they are helping, and they responded, "Parents...students...traffic...teachers." Yes! I remind them that when the traffic backs up all the way into Mānoa, we are disturbing our Mānoa neighbors as well. (Often we are backed up because of UH's Maile Way exit, however.) We reviewed safety for themselves and others and again the importance of a smile and a kind greeting/farewell.

If students are unable to do their duty, they should try to swap with another student in advance of their duty, whether they want to swap for a day or the entire week. If they are unsuccessful, they should tell the supervisor. (One student recently notified me: "Mrs. Abe, I asked five different people and no one was able to swap with me.") This helps students practice being responsible.

Students who have afternoon HUGSS can also work for part of their duty. For example, students who have swimming can do their duty until 2:40 and students who participate in CSAL sports until 2:50, when their teacher/coach comes to walk them to class. However, classes like tennis and some strings classes start right after school, so students will need to swap on those days.

If your child has afternoon HUGSS duty and you are picking them up at 3:00, please remember to pick them up from the office. They will not be allowed to wait by themselves at the auto line.

Thank you for your support in helping your child perform a valuable service to our Mid-Pacific and Mānoa communities!

Fourth graders may also volunteer to help others by doing Peer Mediation duty during their lunch recess. They were trained as Peer Mediators as third graders during CE class last year. Two fourth grade Peer Mediators recently asked Ms. Rivera, "How do the children know that we are here to help them?" (I do tell all the children in the beginning of the year, but sometimes they forget.) The two girls decided on their own to make posters and put them around the elementary school, which I thought was a great idea! I wanted to remind parents as well that we have student Peer Mediators on duty during lunch recess (and an adult is always in the room as well during a mediation), ready to help others!