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Drawing Inward

Posted on September 8, 2017

by Abbey Day on September 8, 2017

In 3rd and 4th grade students are introduced to "Golden Moment." It is a time in which they can rest their bodies and minds, finding a little quiet during the day. Once students enter 5th grade we take more time to explore this concept of Golden Moment and they are introduced to various meditation techniques and why people find it helpful.

The students read articles outlining the benefits of meditation, watched videos of experienced meditators, and most importantly do their own practice at the beginning of each CE/Art. As students practice twice a week, they are slowly forming a relationship with the ability to reset their minds and bodies so that they may approach their next moment or rest of the day with more intention. Rather than react quickly, meditation helps us take a second before action. Even if students find the practice difficult, they're planting the seed of learning to recalibrate so that they may draw upon the technique both within and outside school.

If you'd like to practice with your child at home, they are becoming mini-experts at various techniques and can teach you! However, most important is that we sit up tall so that we don't feel sleepy. After that, students find it helpful to close their eyes or rest with their hands in a certain way. Some students enjoy turning their attention to all the sounds around them and then focus attention on their count their breath, while others prefer to use a visualation technique in which they imagine or see themselves doing something they'd like to achieve. Students have reacted to this dive deeper into meditation by saying they feel peaceful, calm, relaxed, while others are still unsure and exploring what it means to move inward.