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Peace and Character Traits

Posted on February 11, 2017

by Abbey Day on February 11, 2017

As we approach this second semester, we begin to shift our focus to how we may contribute to our community, both our immediate as well as global community. In order to know what we can contribute, we must first understand ourselves and what unique qualities of character we possess. To begin this inquiry, we watched this video on the Science of Character and looked more closely at the "Periodic Table of Character."

To have students become more aware and observant of their community, each student randomly selected another student in the other class. They were simply to have their eyes open to any moments they see that student showing a quality of character. Students are still making these observations and will eventually share. We will continue to study character traits throughout the semester through leave-taking.

With the students╩╗ minds beginning to percolate on what quailities of character they may have, we turned our attention to learning the story of Martin Luther King, Jr. As we just celebrated MLK Jr.'s birthday, it was an appropriate time to reflect on why we have the day off, and what qualities of character he possessed that allowed him to be a leader of peace. The conversations were rich, enabling students to build on one another's knowledge and opinions about such an important topic.

At the end of our discussion, I asked students why they think there is a Maui-based Peace Poem contest every year in MLK Jr.'s name. As we discussed this, it also opened up our conversation for their next project - to create their own poem about peace. After looking at various poetic structures and taking some time outside to brainstorm, the students composed their poems. Some also created artworks to accompany the poems.



Peace is not a raging fight,

peace is but a silent night.

Peace is not a giant wave,

peace is but a mellow cave.

It holds, not shakes you.

It keeps you, not breaks you.

It hugs you, not bugs you.

But this is peace in my opinion.

Peace is what you make it.

You have peace in your heart.

Your walk, your talk, your smile.

Peace Is What You make it.



Peace doesn't look the same to everyone

To some peole, it looks like a warm, cozy home with enough food and clean water

To others, it lookds like setting a flickering candle in water to join thousands of other candles

So the lake will glow with that light

But to me, peace is a golden bird

Soaring through a deep black sky full of destruction

And leaving behind it a clear path of loving,

Helping and sharing,

Music and life

To me, peace is an oak tree

Reaching its branches to those who use weapons, like guns

Or bombs or fists to express anger

And offers them shade and tranquility underneath it

And its branches stretch so wide

That everyone in the world can fit under them with room to spare

To me, peace is not everything being perfect

Or everyone living their dream life

But everyone being thankdful for what they have

And chasing their dreams until they've caught one

To me, peace is sacrificing something you love

For someone you love

Peace is the Key


Peace is the key to life, it is

Especially helpful to you

Anytime peace come to you let it

Control you

Embrace it every time it comes

The Noisy World


You might think, the noisy world is not peaceful,

It is crowded with people,

It is full of decisions,

It is hard,

It is annoying when you walk to work and it starts to rain, not drizzle pouring rain,

But if it was quiet,

No birds would tweet,

There were no decisions to make in life,

It wasn't hard,

It was always easy,

It would be really boring,


The peaceful sound rain makes when it hits your umbrella on the way to work,

The peaceful sound the birds make in the morning to wake you up.

You might think the noisy world is peaceful and you're right because it is.