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Peace Team in Action

Posted on November 5, 2016

by Abbey Day on November 5, 2016

As 3rd and 4th graders, students help our school community by participating in HUGSS and KKIDS. They help open doors for students as they arrive and leave school and walk the Kinders to the dining room in the morning. Their presence with a smile and a "Good Morning!" or "Have a Nice Day!" helps create an inviting school community. The 5th grade began training the rising 4th graders in these duties earlier in the year and are now excitedly participating in their role as Peace Team during lunch/recess.

Before starting their Peace Team duties, Ms. Rivera visited our class to give some history about the Peace Team and how it started in Ephiphany School (before merging with Mid-Pacific). We were all surprised to learn that this year's Peace Team is the 22nd! Students then brainstormed where on campus they could be helpful. We learned from the Kinder teachers how to make sure we're being good models and helping at lunch and visited the Preschool where the 5th grade explored many of the different childrens' work areas. Students asked how they could be of most help and had some time to play with the children.

This year, students selected areas on campus they wanted to be of service. For this first round, every student was given his/her first choice. Students are helping with 1st and 2nd grade on the ball-field, tire-swing, and playcourt, in areas of the Preschool during outdoor play and lunch, while others are eating with Kinders. Some students help clean our campus or help with anything Ms. Kekuna, Mr. Pires, or I may need.

When asked how they are feeling about their service so far, students responded:

"I feel happy, because I helped people solve a problem and I feel accomplished."

"I enjoy going to Peace Team in Kindergarten, because we have funny conversations."

"I'm proud of myself and my partner for cleaning up any trash."

"My peace team experience has been mostly good; the only two problems are that preschoolers don't tend to know how to keep a conversation going, and that it's kind of hard to get them to eat with their forks."

We continue to dialogue about the Peace Team experience, including any issues or questions that arise each week. As a whole, the entire 5th grade is very excited and proud of their new roles, continuing to wear their Peace Team shirts for the remainder of the day, even after their service is done.