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Introducing the Published Authors of Manu O Ku 12!

Posted on October 20, 2017

by Coral Balubar on October 20, 2017

This Friday marked a celebration of the children's first published books! For the last month and a half the children have been taking their All About Me books through the writing process--prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing. As we strive at Mid-Pacific to make learning authentic and purposeful, it is important that the children understand and experience the process that authors in the "real world" go through to take their writing public.

For the prewriting step of the process, children studied mentor texts to understand the type of writing they would be creating, brainstormed ideas about topics to include in their books, and talked through and borrowed ideas from one another. During the drafting step, the children wrote and wrote and wrote! They determined which ideas they wanted to use and went for it, spilling their thoughts and ideas onto paper through words and pictures.


A page of writing during the drafting step of the writing process.


B. H. works on his first draft.


A page from the drafting step.

In the revision step, the children changed words to make their writing more interesting, added a beginning to hook their reader and added an ending to give their piece a sense of closure.


A beginning is added during the revision step of the writing process.


An ending is created to give writing closure during the revision step.

During the editing step of the process, children checked over their writing and made changes to ensure sentences started with capital letters and ended with periods, and that words made sense and were spelled correctly.


Lowercase letters are turned into capital during the editing step.

The children worked hard to put the final touches on their pieces--creating quality illustrations, staging photo shoots for their book covers, and developing a title that would catch the eye of readers.


A writer puts the finishing touches on her illustrations.



M. illustrates to get her writing ready for publishing.

And then was time for publishing! Publishing can be done in many different forms depending on the purpose and intended audience of the writing. For our All About Me books, the purpose of writing was to share with one another who we are and what it is that we treasure in our lives. With that in mind, we went about celebrating our published work by having our very own author book reading. Just as a published author would be invited by a bookstore or library to do a book reading and signing, the children did the same, sharing a few of their favorite pages aloud with their audience.


Y. shares her published work at the author's book reading.


J. shows his book cover.


L. reads aloud.

The audience was comprised of fans of the author, as well as book reviewers, who took notes on the published work being presented. After our book reading, all of the newly-published books were put on display in our library and eager readers excitedly pulled the new releases off the shelves to read! The readers left comments for each author, complementing the illustrations, the ideas, and the words used.


M. shares as her audience of fans and book reviewers listen attentively.


Manu O Ku 12's published All About Me book display!


T. reads and comments on an author's book.


F. reads N.'s All About Me book as the author looks on.


A. checks out E's fantastic illustrations.

While not every piece of writing the children do will go through the entire writing process, it was important for them to have this experience to gain knowledge of each step, as well as take the time to truly celebrate their work in an authentic way. We would like to keep their All About Me books in our classroom for our reading pleasure, but after some time, will be sure to send each author's work home to their biggest fans--their families!