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Getting to Know You

Posted on August 27, 2017

by Coral Balubar on August 27, 2017

This week has been filled with getting to know the children and who they are at school and in life! We begin each day with Morning Meeting, which includes a community circle portion, when students go around and share their thoughts, ideas, stories, or messages related to various questions (e.g., What was your favorite thing you've done at school this week? What is something you are an expert at? What is one thing you can do to make our classroom great? What is something you like that is unusual?). While these community circles last only a few minutes, they have offered insight into who the children are and what they think. Thanks to community circle, we now know that we have experts in the art of water-treading, pangolin lovers, and believers that we should use kind words when speaking with one another.



Another way the children have begun to reveal their identities is through both their reading and writing. They have been self selecting books to read, which has revealed the authors, topics, and genres they are passionate about. To grow in reading, the number one thing children must do is...READ! This is why it is so important that they have an opportunity to select books to read that interest them. As the year progresses, students will be taught about the importance of stepping out of their "comfort zone" when choosing books, as well as the importance of reading a wide variety of different types of books. However, in these beginning weeks, it has been wonderful to learn about what kinds of books each child gravitates towards. In writing, the children have begun work on their "All About Me" books. They have brainstormed the topics they wish to write about, and the ideas that they think help to tell their readers who they are. We have learned so much about the children from these initial pages of writing, and are excited to learn more!





Center time has also been an invaluable opportunity for the children to begin to demonstrate who they are. During center time, the children make choices about which area of the classroom/which classroom materials they wish to explore. Some of these centers have included "Book Making," "Math Blocks and Cash Register," "Origami," "Science Materials" and even "Classroom Design." This week, we teamed up with Mr. Royo's class so that we could have double the center choices, double the space, and double the fun collaborating with our friends next door. After selecting their center, children set their own objectives and work on bringing their own ideas to life. Through center time, we have seen the beginning pages of the comic "Lobster Man," learned from a student in Mr. Royo's class how to make origami ninja stars, began work on designing a paper-towel tie-dye class bulletin board, among many others! Center time has revealed, and I know will continue to reveal so much about the creativity, knowledge, passions, and personalities that make up our classroom!






Lastly, I have personally learned so much about your children from speaking with many of you at our intake meetings. Thank you so very much for taking the time to share your knowledge and insights with me. I look forward to continuing our partnership in supporting your child and ensuring they have a successful year filled with joy and growth!



  • MULTI-AGE 1/2 OPEN HOUSE is this Thursday (August 31st) from 6:00-7:30 in the dining hall. Please join us for a presentation by our grade-level team. We are excited to share our ideas, curriculum, and philosophy with you!

  • Please remember to send your child with shorts/pants (not jeans) and sneakers for P.E. We have P.E. on Tuesdays and Fridays.

  • Proofs and forms from Picture Day will go home on Monday in the Home Folder. Please follow instructions on the form and return completed forms in the Home Folder by Thursday.

  • At intake conferences, many of you expressed your child's love of creating and innovating using recyclable materials. We would appreciate donations of empty and clean containers, boxes, paper towel rolls, etc. Nothing too bulky, as we don't have the space for storage.

  • Please help me to keep your child safe and healthy by:

    • Applying sunscreen everyday

    • Providing a hat for sun protection

    • Sending a water bottle to school daily