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Pathway paintings/ Kindergarten PDF

Posted on March 1, 2016

by Ms. Guillory on March 1, 2016

360 degree research site for kindergarten
Kaimana Beach - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

360 degree research site for preschool

#1 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

(above two of the research sites we have been visiting. The picture can be moved around by your cursor to see the space. This is some of the latest technology we have been using with the children, the ricoh 360 camera. It has been a great tool in reflecting on the space with the children.)


Below click on the link to see kindergarten PDF


When we began the process of creating pathway paintings, we carefully considered this question: how do children connect with and think about a space? Noticing how the children flowed down the pathway at the Pali, we wondered how children would make this movement visible. How would the children express the nuances of the different pathways?

first picture.jpg

Revisiting and reflecting on the documentation and the children's thoughts from the Pali, there seemed to be many different pathways that they had noticed, which were often reflected through their movements along the paths. At our group meeting the children were asked about the pathways they had observed.


Discussing the Pali's pathways

We asked the children about the paths that they had observed on the Pali. The children quickly began to reveal many different types of paths that they had observed. What struck us was the children's gestures that they used when speaking about the different types of pathway spaces. We wanted to have them translate and make their thinking visible the medium of paint selected to best support the process. Using paint as the medium allowed their movements to become visible - revealing the fast or slow pace of the pathway, how the paths would or could connect or combine and why.

drawing reece.jpg

R selects the pathway he wants using the photos as a visual then draws the movement that he will make in his painiting


Pathways come alive with movement!




The use of the large scale canvas along with using a squirt bottle instead of a brush allowed the child to use their whole body - arms, legs, hands -- which allowed them the freedom to internalize and make their gestures visible through the flow of the paint. It allowed them to isolate each of the pathways using paint and gesture. Once finished the children sketched a smaller version of their paintings as a way to remember and record each of the pathways.