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Kindergarten Matsumoto

Halloween Fun!

Posted on November 3, 2017

by Ms. Matsumoto on November 3, 2017

A yearly tradition for Kindergarten has been to share in pumpkin math activities with a high school or middle school math class. For the past two years, we have been meeting and working with 8th grade friends.

This is the pumpkin math sheet that they complete with their buddies.
Pumpkin math.pdf

Before our 8th grade friends join us, we do a bit of estimating. The children are given a Unifix Cube and a colored Link and are able to look at and hold their pumpkins to help them make reasonable estimations. Enjoy these photos of our 8th grade buddy pumpkin activities. Thank you to DL, AS, RY, and JY's families for donating the pumpkins!

On Halloween, we enjoyed three different activities with our parent volunteers. AG, SY, and GV's moms helped us to make spiders and ghosts. DL's mom and GV's dad helped us make pop-up cards for our 5th grade buddies. DL's dad helped us play Tic-Tac-Toe, BINGO, and Stick-the-Eye-on-the-Monster/Ghost. We also enjoyed having Halloween books read to us when we were done with our activities. Thank you, Moms and Dads, for helping us with our activities! We had so much fun! Enjoy these photos of our Halloween Activities!

In the afternoon, our Spooktivity tradition continued with a parade down to Mills Gymnasium where the Elementary and Middle School students danced to "The Addams Family." Back up at the Elementary School campus, we trick-or-treated through the various stations our wonderful families set up for us! Thank you families, and thank you to the Middle School students who manned the stations! Enjoy our Spooktivity photos!

** New Family Learning Activities are posted, but please feel free to go back to previously posted activities. These optional activities are provided 1) to inform families of classroom learning, 2) as an opportunity for students to reinforce learned concepts, and 3) as a means for families to share in their child's learning. As the children complete these activities, they may bring them in to the classroom at any time to share with the class. There is no due date, so families may complete the activities as they are able. **

Upcoming events:
Thursday, 11/9 - Professional Learning Day, no school for students
Friday, 11/10 - Veterans Day holiday, no school
Thursday, 11/16 - monthly assembly, free dress day
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Thursday-Friday, 11/23-24 - Thanksgiving Day holiday, no school