Family Learning Activities, 11/6-11/8 - Mid-Pacific Institute

Kindergarten Matsumoto

Family Learning Activities, 11/6-11/8

Posted on November 3, 2017

by Ms. Matsumoto on November 3, 2017

  • Complete a family art project for the month of November. It can be a special family day in November (like someone's birthday or another special occasion) or a November holiday. Be creative with the materials you use. We will display your art project in the classroom for the entire month.
  • We practiced counting a set of objects, writing the number, drawing the same number using a simple symbol, such as a line or circle, and making the same number using a different set of objects. Practice counting and recording objects in your home. Put together a "counting book" (or bring in a page or two) of things you counted and share them with the class.
  • We practiced finding Attribute Blocks that fit the descriptions on the Attribute Block cards (e.g., square, rectangle, triangle, circle, red, yellow, blue, big, small, thick, thin). For example, if we chose the BIG card, we had to find all the big Attribute Blocks in our basket. To challenge ourselves, we chose two or three cards. With a set of objects at home, play a similar game with someone in your family. Provide "clues" or attributes that someone has to then find the object to match, kind of like playing "I Spy."
  • We began to explore the concept of measuring by finding objects in the classroom that are shorter than and longer than our tower of 10 cubes. Select a unit of measurement (e.g., 10 paperclips linked together, new colored pencil, wooden measuring spoon) you can use at home to find things that are shorter than or longer than your measurement tool. Create a table and draw the objects that fit in each category. Bring it in to share with the class.
  • Identify the different learning experiences you have with your family - math, reading, writing, inquiry, P.E., Music, C.E. - and connect those experiences with another. Share what you discover with the class.
  • Copies of the patriotic songs we sing in class are in your reading folder for you to practice at home. Have a sing-along!
  • Your sign-in sheets go home daily. At school, we are practicing printing our first names accurately and neatly. Teach Mom and Dad how to print the letters correctly in your name and have them practice. Remember to follow the numbers and arrows! Also remember to share about your day by looking at your drawing on the back of your sign-in sheet.