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All About Me

Posted on November 8, 2017

by Ms. Matsumoto on November 8, 2017

At the end of the semester, your child will share his/her e-portfolio with you, highlighting different learning experiences as they reflect our Learner Profile.

learner profile kid language.jpg

This week, we began working on an All About Me page that will describe your child as he/she is now in Kindergarten. We first read a book called

IMG_4082 (1).jpg

and talked briefly about how we are all different and special individuals. Then teachers asked the children to think about two "I am ___" statements, two things about themselves at school, and two other things they wanted to share about themselves (anything at all!).


The children drew their ideas and teachers wrote their statements. Here are a few examples of the All About Me pages that will introduce each child's respective portfolio.





In the coming weeks, teachers (classroom and specialists) will be capturing and inputting learning moments specific to each child that reflect the Learner Profile. We look forward to having your child share his/her portfolio with you next month.

** No new Family Learning Activities are posted, but please feel free to go back to previously posted activities. These optional activities are provided 1) to inform families of classroom learning, 2) as an opportunity for students to reinforce learned concepts, and 3) as a means for families to share in their child's learning. As the children complete these activities, they may bring them in to the classroom at any time to share with the class. There is no due date, so families may complete the activities as they are able. **

Upcoming events:
Thursday, 11/9 - Professional Learning Day, no school for students
Friday, 11/10 - Veterans Day holiday, no school
Thursday, 11/16 - monthly assembly, free dress day
- visit to Mānoa Senior Care
Wednesday, 11/22 - Conference Prep Day, no school for students
Thursday-Friday, 11/23-24 - Thanksgiving Day holiday, no school