Family Learning Activities, 9/5-9/8 - Mid-Pacific Institute

Kindergarten Matsumoto

Family Learning Activities, 9/5-9/8

Posted on September 2, 2017

by Ms. Matsumoto on September 2, 2017

  • Complete a family art project for the month of September. It can be a special family day in September (like someone's birthday or another special occasion) or a September holiday. Be creative with the materials you use. We will display your art project in the classroom for the entire month.
  • We explored different math manipulatives - Unifix Cubes, Pattern Blocks, Color Tiles, and Attribute Blocks. As teachers observed you working, we noticed that you were discovering that you could build, sort, stack, line up, count, and make patterns. Find something at home that could be used as a "math manipulative." Share with the class something you discover you can do with it.
  • Next week, we will make a list of things we want to know about our friends. Brainstorm some ideas with your Mom and Day that you can share with the class (e.g., favorite animal, favorite food, family, favorite movie, why they came to or love Mid-Pacific). You will draw your "answers," and your drawings will be displayed in the classroom, along with your favorite photos.
  • Your sign-in sheets go home daily. At school, we are practicing printing our first names accurately and neatly. Teach Mom and Dad how to print the letters correctly in your name and have them practice. Remember to follow the numbers and arrows! Also remember to share about your day by looking at your drawing on the back of your sign-in sheet.