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Kindergarten Hitomi

Preparing For Conferences

Posted on December 3, 2017

by Ms. Hitomi on December 3, 2017

This semester has certainly flown by. For the past two weeks the children have been busily selecting pieces for the e-portfolio and reflecting on their work. It's amazing how much they have grown academically and socially. They all were able to articulate how they have grown as a reader, writer, mathematician, and inquirer since he/she started Kindergarten. Some are simple reflections while others are more expressive. What matters is that each child is able to express their thoughts about academic and social growth.

Here are a few examples of their reflections

-It's hard for me to share my ideas because there are so many people watching me.

-I am a better reader because I practice at home and at school. I love to read.

-I like to write stories about mermaids.

-I like Captain Underpants because he is funny.

-I like using the camera and taking pictures of Kamanele Park.

-I love playing the math games. Roll and Record is my favorite game because I get to use the die.

Preparing For Your Child's Conference

Allow your child some time to share his/her portfolio to you.

Fill out the 2 Stars and A wish! (we will put it in your child's folder on Monday)

Bring your child's 2 Star and A Wish on your conference day. Don't forget to bring your child. Remember, your child's conference is a time of reflecting, sharing and celebrating how much they have grown in school. I look forward to seeing you on Thursday and Friday.

Just A Reminder

-Thursday and Friday, December 7 & 8 - Parent, Teacher, and Student Conference

-Thursday, December 14 - Special Holiday Craft (S.N.'s mom)

-Monday, December 18 - Special Christmas Chapel (please have your child wear their green polo shirt/dress)

-Tuesday, December 19 - Assembly, Free Dress Day, and Preschool Buddies

-Wednesday, December 20 - Christmas/Holiday Activities

-Thursday, December 21 - Holiday Program at 10:00 in Bakken (Half Day. Students go home after the program. You may pick up your child in their classroom)

Notes of Appreciation

-Thank you I.T.'s mom for being our guest reader and letting us borrow the Christmas book. We enjoyed listening to the stories.