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Traditions: Share Soup and Turkey Hand Prints

Posted on November 26, 2017

by Ms. Hitomi on November 26, 2017

Fall is my favorite season. Fall always reminds me of the many family traditions I had while growing up in Northern California. It could be as simple as raking the leaves together and then jumping in the pile of leaves with my siblings, sitting in front of the fire and drinking hot chocolate, or the entire family helping out with Thanksgiving dinner. I loved our traditions, but most of all, I loved being together with my family. One of my favorite traditions in our Kindergarten community is to read three different versions of Stone Soup and make Share Soup before the Thanksgiving holiday. This is a tradition that I started while teaching in San Diego. A week before making the soup, the children sit down and decide what ingredients they would like to put in the soup. It's interesting how the recipe changes every year. This year, the only green was sprinkling nori on top of their soup and our first to have something pink and white.


Share Soup Recipe


4 cans/boxes of chicken broth

Diced onions

3 sliced carrots


Sliced fish cake




Salt, pepper, and garlic powder


Side Salad: Lettuce, won ton chips, with ranch dressing


Early Tuesday morning, the children had their ingredients in hand. We put the chicken broth, sliced chicken, onions, kabocha, carrots, and a pinch of seasoning in the crock pot. After recess they added the pasta, fish cake, and tofu. Every time a friend or guest walked in, they expressed how wonderful it smelled in the classroom. While the soup was cooking, the children were busy working on their journal writing and math. A few children stated that it was difficult to write because the soup smelled so good. Finally, the lunch bell rang and the children set up the tables and passed out the soup, salad, nori, and rolls. They couldn't believe how tasty the soup was. Some of our friends asked for seconds or thirds. Food always taste better when you work together. But wait! It wasn't over. At the end of the day, the children had a slice of pumpkin pie that R.C.'s family brought. What a wonderful way to end our day. Hope all of you had a Happy Thanksgiving Day and extra family time.

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I can't forget our other tradition with our Fifth Grade Buddies. We always have the children write one thing they are thankful and then make a turkey handprint with their buddy. Each year I hear a fifth grader or two say, "I remember doing this with my fifth grade buddy."




Notes of Appreciation

-Thank you, families, for letting your child bring in ingredients for our share soup, side dishes, utensils, and bowls for our Share Soup.

-Thank you, R.C. family, for the delicious pumpkin pie.

A Few Reminders

-Don't forget to bring in your favorite family tradtion for share next week.