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Kindergarten Hitomi

Observing Spaces: How the children interact with the space

Posted on September 17, 2017

by Ms. Hitomi on September 17, 2017

For the past 3 weeks, we have taking the children on several observation walks throughout our campus to the bamboo forest, Wailele Spring, Kawaiahaʻo, in-between the park and baseball field, and behind the administration offices. It was interesting watching the children observe these different spaces. Their relationship with the space in Kawaiahaʻo was very different from the bamboo forest and near the baseball field. Does the environment change their way of play and how the observe that space? Why are some spaces more interesting than others? Is there more that the children can build a relationship with in a particular space? It will be interesting to record other spaces and see how the children interact in these new spaces.

Bamboo Forest

Not a new space for all. They continued to build with sticks, build a campfire, pick up flowers, string flowers on thin branches, look into tiny little holes, and observing the water animals in Wailele Springs. They were well invested in these two areas. Over half of the children visited these two areas several times during the summer, and still they approach and interact with the bamboo forest in new ways!










It was very interesting watching the children interact in this new space. They were more active and their play was more imaginative (pokemon, battling, running with lots of arm movement). Many gathered large pods and wanted to take them back to the classroom. One child wanted to take several back to build with, but expressed she needed other materials to build with. When asked what she was going to build, she said, "I don't know because I don't have all the materials." She was still looking for the other materials to build with. I'm certain her creative genius will spark when she has assembled her materials. I noticed that there was much more movement in this space. I also noticed that some children didn't spend as much time in one particular area.





Between the Park and Baseball Field

This was an area that I have never walked through. As we were walking up the path, I noticed many trees Once you got to the top there was a large grassy dirt area. You look to the left and can see the baseball field and to the right is University Avenue. As the children settled down, many were digging, looking at bugs, looking for "treasure," and observing plants. They seemed more invested and spent more time watching a bug or digging.







Behind the Administration Building

A little different because we the outside came in -- a stray cat. Many children were trying to find where the cat went. Did some take interest in a path because they could see Ms. Jordan's backyard or were they curious where it would lead them? Some noticed the plants and a few snails without their home.





It will be interesting observing the children in other spaces. My inquiry of your children's learning processes continues!