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Kindergarten Hitomi

We Are One!

Posted on August 20, 2017

by Ms. Hitomi on August 20, 2017

What an amazing first week and Open House! It seems that the children have easily transitioned into their new school and our Kindergarten community. They were quite comfortable with each other on their first day of school. Many remembered each other from Jump Start Kindergarten, their past or previous school. One of our new friends to Mid-Pacific said, "I know V.V. from preschool (two years ago), and he had shorter hair."

The Kindergartners have been familiarizing themselves to their new schedule and routines. Many have become quite independent unpacking their belongings and packing up at the end of their day. It is important that the children are responsible for their belongings and the materials in our Kindergarten community. Yes, we (teachers) are always there to help/guide them, but we would like the children to become responsible and independent. Just like at home. Have them pack their folder, water bottle, snack, and lunch. Just to let you know, when they do forget to bring something to school, they always say, "My mom/dad forgot to pack it." We always express that it is their responsibility. Not only is it their responsibility, but it also helps out their parents. We often ask the children what their parents are doing in the morning. Getting ready for work, preparing breakfast, preparing snack/lunch, putting the dirty dishes away, dressing my baby brother/sister and helping me get ready for school. We always encourage out students to help out.

The children have been exploring and enjoying the different Workspaces. While they have been exploring these spaces, the teachers have been observing how the children play, problem solve, work with others, and challenge them by asking questions. It's interesting when they come back to the Workspace on the following day and try to improve their building, creation, story, or exploring skills.






The children also met their Fifth Grade Buddies. There are a few Kindergartners who have two because there are more Fifth Graders than Kinders. The children enjoyed eating snack and playing with their new friends. Our Buddies visit periodically during the school year to participate in holiday activities, to read and write together, and just to have a big brother or big sister who serves as a mentor.






During Open House we asked, "What do you want your child to be like as an adult?" Here is a WORDLE of all seven lists put together. As you can see, it overlaps with our student/learner profile.

Screen Shot 2017-08-20 at 8.35.27 AM.png

Thank you for coming to Open House. We enjoyed meeting all of you. Many of you asked if you need to work with your child. Remember, this was just the first week of school. You can help by reading to them and having fun with your child. Explore the outdoors and ask them questions.

Upcoming Events

August 21-25 - First Week of Sharing

Friday, September 1 - Free Dress Day

Monday, September 4 - Labor Day Holiday (No School)

Saturday, September 10 - Elementary BBQ

Thursday, September 21 - Assembly and Free Dress Day

Notes of Appreciation

-Thank you M.D. for celebrating your birthday at school and for the thoughtful goodie bags.

-Thank you S.N. for the yummy birthday snack. The fruit kabobs and Gogurt were very delicious and refreshing.