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Our First Week of Share

Posted on August 27, 2017

by Ms. Hitomi on August 27, 2017

When you hear your children talk about "sharing," they are talking about a specific time of the day when students bring an item of importance to school that each child explains. Sharing is a wonderful opportunity for the children to informally practice speaking to a group of friends so that they can feel more comfortable speaking to less familiar audiences. The notion of standing (or sitting) with a group to talk about something of importance to them builds their self-confidence and makes them feel proud of what they are speaking about. There are learning opportunities for the audience of peers. They sit still, carefully listen to the clues, raise their hand, and wait to be called on to guess what the share is. After the share is revealed, the audience thinks of positive, encouraging comments to offer the speaker.Sharing is not only giving them an opportunity to practice speaking, but also writing, reading, and being a respectful audience. The children are asked to draw/write three clues and practice reading their clues at home.



This week was the first week of sharing. The children were all very anxious to have a turn reading their clues then anxiously removing their object from the bag. After the children briefly talked about their object, audience members asked questions or offered comments about the share item -- another important aspect of the share process. The audience is responsible for listening carefully and attentively to others who are speaking, then being able to ask a question or comment.


A plant growing from a crystal.


I lost my tooth and the tooth fairy gave me a special coin.


A nice man on a cruise gave me a coin from New Zealand. On one side of the coin is a kiwi bird.

IMG_0251 (1).jpg

This is an ambulance and it has a siren.

Another important aspect of sharing is to better understand who their classmates are, discovering characteristics that are not always obvious. What type of person is he or she? The instructional practice of Share is, as you can see, so much more than just sharing.

Just A Few Reminders

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