May Day: Kinders Love to Perform - Mid-Pacific Institute

Kindergarten Hitomi

May Day: Kinders Love to Perform

Posted on May 7, 2017

by Ms. Hitomi on May 7, 2017

Practice. Practice. Practice. All of the children have been working very hard to prepare for this special day. Often during work time we would have to ask the children to stop singing the songs, not only the songs but chanting while in line! They just couldn't get the tunes out of their head.

It was an amazing day! The Kinders were outstanding! They couldn't wait for May Day. They kept asking, "Is today the real May Day?" They were so excited when they walked into the gym. The first thing they did was to look for their parents and then it was time to start the show. They just jumped right in. It seems our kinders are quite talented children, and we are all so proud of them.



I would also like to thank the parents for volunteering their time sewing, ironing, making suspenders, fitting the girls, organizing the costumes, setting up, breaking down the stage, and, of course, helping the children change into their costumes. I can't forget to thank the parents for donating their beautiful foliage from their backyards. Friday morning the tables and ground were covered in beautiful foliage and parents creating amazing arrangements. Thanks awesome parents!!! The gym was beautiful and the costumes so bright and vibrant. Everything was simply amazing.






Notes of Appreciation

-Thank you Kindergarten parents for helping out before, during, and after our May Day production.

-Thank you Ms. Goldstein for bringing such yummy snack to celebrate my (Ms. Hitomi) birthday. That was very thoughtful.

Just A Few Reminders

-Tuesday, May 8 - Please return your Books on Wheels book.

-Monday, May 8 - Conference Prep Day (No School)

-Tuesday, May 9 - Books on Wheels books are due

-Thursday and Friday, May 18 and 19 - Conferences (Do not forget to bring your child and 2 Stars and A Wish)

-Tuesday, May 23 - Assembly, Preschool Buddies, and Free Dress Day

-Wednesday, May 24 - 5th Grade Leavetaking (Please wear your green polo shirt/dress)

-Thursday, May 25 - Last Day of School (Field Day and Half Day)