End-of-Year Conference - Mid-Pacific Institute

Kindergarten Hitomi

End-of-Year Conference

Posted on May 21, 2017

by Ms. Hitomi on May 21, 2017


Thursday and Friday was a wonderful two days of celebration and expressing how much the children have grown throughout the year. We were all amazed at how much the children have grown both socially and academically. The most important thing is that the children again expressed that they love/like school and are having fun during math, writing, reading, inquiry, and with friends. This semester, all 18 children read their 2 Stars and A Wish with confidence. We had many children wish that they would be able to read more words, print neater, be a better mathematician, and writer. What's interesting is the children wrote their wish almost two/three weeks ago and have already progressed. Many are able to work on a word problem independently, many are reading more words, and printing neater. The children were able to progress because of our wonderful team (K-Team, Specialists, and parents). Our little elepai Ľo are reading to spread their wings and fly to first grade. Thank you, parents, for all of your support.

Notes of Appreciation


-Thank you H.C. for celebrating your birthday at school. The Jamba Juice was refreshing and we love the books that you gave your classmates and the books that you donated to our classroom library. You and your family are very thoughtful and generous.

-Thank you parents for attending the end of the year conference. We truly enjoyed being your child's teachers.

A Few Reminders

-Tuesday, May 23 - Assembly, Preschool Buddies, and Free Dress day

-Tuesday, May 23 - No PE or Music (specialists are rehearsing with the fifth graders)

-Wednesday, May 24 - Fly Up and Fifth Grade Leave Taking (please have your child wear a green polo shirt/dress)

-Thursday, May 25 -Field Day and Half Day (dress in your swim wear and bring a towel, hat, and change of clothes)