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Spooktivity Fun!

Posted on November 5, 2017

by Ms. Masa on November 5, 2017

Aloha Noio 2!

What a spooky and fun week we had, celebrating Halloween and Spooktivity! A huge mahalo to all of our parents who helped throughout the day, making sure our class was dressed and ready for the fun. I am so sad I was not able to be there, but I loved to hear all the stories on Wednesday! Here are a few photos from the day...

Spooktivity 2017 028.JPG

Spooktivity 2017 024.JPG

Our busy week continued with a trip to Mānoa Stream on Wednesday! It was wonderful to see all the students working together to capture and record all the invasive Armored Catfish. Together, both classes caught almost 500 Armored Catfish! Mrs. Montes' class was fortunate enough to capture and release the native 'O'opu Nakea! Here's a fun article discussing the 'O'opu from Maui Magazine.

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We have a very short week coming up, with a fun writing project ahead of us, as well as more Inquiry observing. I have loved the photos sent to me for their writing pieces. As a reminder, the students are to bring in a favorite photo that makes them appreciate being here in Hawaii. This can be taken in many different forms, with the goal to have the students focus on past tense and using their strong sensory skills. The example I shared in class was backpacking in Northern Vietnam and meeting locals in the small villages tucked away between the rolling rice fields. The happiness and simplicity in their life was such a humbling experience. Everywhere we went we would find something we did not need from our backpacks and offer it to someone we had met. In this story that I shared, we had a hiking tour guide who offered us to visit her home. We walked into a one room home with straw for a roof, a small fire burning in the middle, and rolled out mats where she and her family slept. She was so happy and grateful to be able to share her home with us. We quickly noticed that they did not have any electricity so we offered our Luci Light, a solar-powered inflatable light. She and her family were ecstatic, explaining to us that this would allow them to play family games at night.

When we returned from our travels to our home, good surf, and clean water to drink, I felt to grateful to call Hawaii home. Some are taking this route, to share a traveling experience; others are sharing a memory from Hawaii. Both are wonderful! I look forward to seeing what all the students share during our writer's workshop.

This week's spelling list is up, you can find it here. Please note that the spelling test will be on Wednesday, not Thursday due to no school. A Sign Up Genius will also be posted this week for parent teacher conferences, I will send the link to you all as soon as it's live!

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend,

Mrs. Farwell