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3/4 Masa

Let the Holidays Begin!

Posted on November 18, 2017

by Ms. Masa on November 18, 2017

Aloha Noio 2, family and friends!

As we approach Thanksgiving, it is a special time in the year to reflect and appreciate all that we have in our lives. Our classroom ceiling drapes "What I am Thankful for" leaves...many are for family, friends, school, living in Hawaii, and of course...food. Food is what brings us all together this coming Thursday. Does your family have a yearly tradition? For myself, growing up was frying the turkey in our backyard, which always killed a perfect circle of grass until the next year. Afterwards we would make our turkey sandwiches and take off for the beach to spend it with our close friends until the sun went down. So whether you are staying home and enjoying it here in Hawaii or are traveling, I wish you all a wonderful (and full!) Thanksgiving.

Our week kicked off with a field trip to Kamananui Stream. We've been fortunate enough to visit three different sites for our Inquiry research. This provides the space to make connections, as well as enabling an expansion of questions and research. On this trip, we took our iPads and Inquiry notebook. As we walked along the muddy trail, we would pause and capture images. Each student in Noio 2 were able to take great photos, all of which showed what was seen through their lens. Some took close-up photos of plants; others focused more on the water in the natural and channelized stream, while others commented on the man-made pieces of the trail, i.e., cement pathways and bridges.



The following day we were able to reflect on our trip by looking through and sharing photos. Their objective was to document what they notice in the image they chose, as well as make connections to other trips. This was an thinking experience enjoyed by the whole class. Some even made more than one document because they had more photos they felt important to share!

Our assembly was an extra special one last Thursday, as Ms. Day unveiled the beautiful pueo wings, designed to replicate the iconic North Shore angel wings. Each feather made by an MPI elementary student! We will be sure to take a mini field trip to the wings before Thanksgiving break for students╩╗ photos!

It's a short week coming up. If you're traveling for the holidays and your child will not be in class on Monday or Tuesday, please let me know. Spelling list is up on the class website, spelling, math assessments, and reading log will all be due Thursday 11/30. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

-Mrs. Farwell