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The Dow of Now

Posted on October 1, 2017

by Ms. Masa on October 1, 2017

Aloha Noio 2 Families,

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend, despite the lingering vog! This week was full of adjustments, challenges, and community building. The students were fantastic while I had to be away for personal reasons, and to see them on Wednesday so excited to share what they had been doing and how their week had been thus far was the best way to return home!

As I am sure many of you heard, we practiced a lock down scenario at school on Friday. We talked about the importance of safety and working as a class to be prepared together. This was a great lesson to learn alongside our HTY field trip on Wednesday to see "The Ballad of Mulan." The moral of the play was to do "the dow of now"...meaning to be prepared, helpful, and ready as best you can be. This theme continued when our lockdown took place on Friday. Each student had a role to play to successfully and effortlessly prepare our class for safety. It's weeks like this past one where our class truly grows as a community supporting and caring for one another.

This week will be busy with implementing the inspiring Georgia Heard's lessons, with whom we had the pleasure of meeting and learning from on Friday. We also had a trip to the library where we learned about reading digital books. The students loved exploring new books accessible at the tip of their fingers!


Friday fun reading!


Exploring all the genres!

There will be no school on Friday (PD Day) as well as no school Monday September 9 for Discoverer's Day. I hope you all enjoy the long weekend ahead! Our classroom parents, Mrs. Matsumoto and Mrs. Mun have sent out an invite for our upcoming craft day on Tuesday, October 24th for Halloween...hope to see some of you there!

-Mrs. Farwell