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Water Wonders and Pre-Spooktivity Prep

Posted on October 29, 2017

by Ms. Masa on October 29, 2017

Aloha Noiʻo 2 family and friends!

I could feel the buzz of Halloween brewing all week in the classroom. We had such a fun craft day on Tuesday. A huge mahalo to all our wonderful parents who helped our students create festive spooky magnets! Our Spooktivty bags are decorated and ready for Halloween on Tuesday.

Our watershed Inquiry continues to build as we prepare our field work for next Wednesday. We will be once again joining Mr. Cory Yap in Mānoa stream, working together as a class to catch and observe invasive (and hopefully native!) species. Two of our 3/4 classes went last week and caught almost 500 Armored Catfish! Our Inquiry has been focused on how to be an "active observer"- understanding the depths of research with asking questions and being open to several different perspectives. For this, we used a microscope that was brought in by one of our students, and we got to take a very close look at water. To be able to see water, and the molecules moving, opened up a completely new perspective to watersheds.

Here are a few comments the students said as they took a closer look at water and documented with drawings and comments...

"Everything's moving!"

"This is so cool, I want to look at all different types of water."

"What are those tiny particles?"

"I never knew water looked like that!"

"It looks like small pieces of sparkles!"

I am looking forward to connecting their close up observing with their Mānoa Stream field trip!

Coming up this week is Spooktivity on Tuesday. Please have your children come to school with their costumes in a bag with their name on it. They will change into their Halloween costume after lunch.

Mānoa Street field trip is the following Wednesday, so please have your child come to school in an older MPI tshirt, and shorts or pants that can get dirty. They will still have PE in the morning before we go, so closed-toed shoes as well! They are welcome to bring a fresh change of clothes for when they return to school.

Hope you all had a fun pre-Halloween weekend and didn't eat too much candy!

- Mrs. Farwell