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Stream Work and Goal Setting

Posted on October 21, 2017

by Ms. Masa on October 21, 2017

Aloha, Noio 2 family and friends!

Wow, what a week...full with new writing topics, math assessments, hands-on inquiry work, a library visit and so much more. We welcomed Mr. Cory Yap back to school this week in preparation for our Manoa Stream field trip on November 1st. Our class practiced working together as an "Upstream Team," "Lower Stream Team," and "Chasers." These are three roles that depend on one another to work together in order to successfully catch invasive species such as armored catfish, and identify native species. Our observation hats were on all week, logging experiences, rules of the stream, and creating positive guidelines to have a soon-to-be wonderful field trip. Here are the students practicing their stream work and working together!





Each morning, before we begin our day, every table has their own Morning Routine Checklist. The shift I have seen in the past two weeks with this checklist implemented has been amazing to say the least.

The students hold themselves accountable and have to work together to prepare themselves for the day. They are in charge of their morning and create weekly calendars for updated homework and events. This week, we had a perfect record of homework turned in, not one pink note! We had a round of applause for this accomplishment. Their final piece of their checklist is to set an intention or goal. They share this with their table and write it down to keep at the table for the day.

Goals may include...make a new friend, be respectful with our guest in inquiry, be an active listener, not to fidget in class, to do their best in PE, the list goes on! They truly put their words to action each day, and keeping this goal at their table acts as a friendly reminder.

Speaking of reminders, we have our Halloween craft day this Tuesday, October 24th! And we all know what is the following Tuesday...Spooktivity! Please have your child bring his or her costume to school in a plastic baggy to change into after lunch. We do this to avoid any rips, stains, or distractions. I know all of elementary has been working hard on their Halloween Spooktivity dance, I look forward to the main event that afternoon! Here's Mrs. Kekuna demonstrating their fun Adam's Family dance if you feel like practicing with your child over the weekend!

The students were sent home with a Scholastic book order, a great way for the children to explore new genres and series! Please use our class code: RRB8F for any purchases. All purchases are done online and due next Thursday 10/26

Their Halloween-themed spelling list has been posted on our class site, while it is a fun and festive list, it is still challenging. I've already encouraged our class to practice over the weekend to prepare, I'm looking forward to using these spooky words in our writer's workshop next week!

Enjoy the weekend!

Mrs. Farwell