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Inquiry Begins with Observations

Posted on September 17, 2017

by Ms. Masa on September 17, 2017

Aloha Noio 2 families!

We've been gearing up to be the best observers that we can for our up coming field trip. We will be visiting the Nu'uanu Reservoir, Kea'ahala Stream, and the Papahana Kualola Lelekamanu Waipao site. All students were sent home with a letter with recommendations to prepare for our big learning day and what to bring to school. I have also attached this letter as a digital copy.

Our focus before our field trip is to focus on observing our surroundings -- what do we see, hear, smell, and feel? All the students were familiar with this concept, however "feel" was not to touch something, but to see what observing something might make you feel emotionally. We practiced this by sitting in our class backyard in silence for 10 minutes, with each student logging what they saw far away, and close up.


They were incredibly surprised by the different types of birds, who, if they were absolutely quiet, would come 2 feet from where they were sitting! This brought in a whole new element of observing for them, and for many there was a feeling of excitement and appreciation for how nature continued their day right beside them.

We will be using our observation skills as well as learning and playing with Kumu Leong's activities she so generously left with us, until we leave for our field trip on Friday.


I have also attached the link for the weekly spelling words from our class website.

I know all the students are so excited to head out for their first field trip! Please email me if you have any questions prior to our trip.

-Mrs. Farwell