Grandparents' Day - Mid-Pacific Institute

3/4 Masa

Grandparents' Day

Posted on March 2, 2012

by Ms. Masa on March 2, 2012

Today was a wonderful day filled with excitement, sharing, and lots of love. The children were so happy to have their family members in the classroom and so eager to share their learning as well as learn a little about what life was like for their adult in his or her childhood. Here's what the Storm Breakers said when we shared what they learned this morning about their grandparent's/parent's/aunt's childhoods.....

*I never knew my grandma wanted to be an ice skater when she was my age.
*My mom had individual desks in her classroom when she was young and my dad wanted to be an astronaut when he was a kid.
*My grandma was good at volleyball.
*My grandpa like playing dodgeball.
*My grandma liked running.
*My dad liked spaghett.i
*My grandpa was good at playing basketball and baseball!
*My grandpa liked playing cards.
*I never knew my grandpa wished he had more food when he was younger.
*I didn't know my auntie's favorite thing to do is sing and she's really good at it.
*I didn't know that if my grandma had a million dollars when she was my age, she would have bought a farm.
*When granny was my age if she had a million dollars she would have wished for a big, plush teddy bear and saved the rest of the money for her future kids.
*My grandma had to walk 2 miles to school!
*My grandparents were good at school and sports.
*My mom never had recess when she was in school.
*My dad loved to go surfing.
*I learned that my grandma was a tomboy and good at running.
*My grandpa went to Japanese school after regular school when he was younger.
*My auntie, when she was little, they did the "three R's" in school. That's arithmetic, reading, and writing.
*If my auntie could go back in time, she would go back to the Hawaiian days and meet the queen.
*My grandma was good at rollerskating.
*My mom was good at running.
*My papa said he was really good at wasting time and if he had a million dollars he would have given half away.
*I never knew my grandpa wanted to be a fireman.

What a fun day, ending in a beautiful serenade from our youngsters:
GP Day Song.jpg

Please see the class photo gallery for more pictures from Grandparents' Day.