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Aloha - Welcome to a new school year!

Posted on August 19, 2017

by Ms. Montes on August 19, 2017

Aloha Noio Rm. 4 Families!


As I left my classroom the day before school started, I took this photo. The classroom looks warm and welcoming, but it is missing a very vital element - Children! Monday morning, I was thrilled to open the door and welcome my students into their classroom. Some were nervous to begin in a new class or even a new school. Most were excited to see old friends after a long summer. But all of the students were as happy as me to begin a new school year. The room quickly filled with the chatter and laughter of children. There is no happier sound than this. Without the children and their energy, a classroom is just a room. I was so happy to be back with my students in our space of learning. We are going to have a great school year!


One of the truly special events at Mid-Pacific is the Opening of School Convocation. We all gather at the Mills Gym, the entire Mid-Pacific community, over 1,500 of us. Every student from the youngest Pre-Schooler to the oldest Senior is present. All of the faculty and staff, and even parents join in. We were welcomed by Kahu Davis, Dr. Turnbull, and the principals of each level of the school. This year, our administration shared words that have a special meaning to each of them. Dr. Hussey shared "ho Ľolohe - to listen." She talked about the deeper, more reflective meaning of word. It was a powerful reminder of how important it is too really listen. As always, my favorite moment is when everyone joins in singing the Alma Mater. It is beautiful to hear all of our voices singing together the praises of our beloved school.

Back in the classroom, we began to build our community, establish routines, and practice the learning structures that will become a vital part of our community. In order to begin the important work of creating our community, we answered 5 big questions. 1) What do you expect to learn this year in 3rd and 4th grades? 2) What should students do to make sure our class runs as smoothly as possible? 3) What will YOU do in order to be successful? 4) What will Mrs. Montes need to do to help you be successful this year? From our responses to these questions, we co-constructed the class agreements that we will follow to ensure that we are all safe and able to learn our best.

Recess is an important part of our community. It's a time to play, relax, enjoy the company of friends.





Along with community building, we celebrated our first assembly of the year.




Thursday, we made a journey across the campus to visit the library and Mrs. Goff. There we borrowed books!



There is important information that went home this week with your child in their "Home Folder." Thank you for responding so quickly to the "Parent Survey" about your child. If you haven't already, please take a few moments to complete the survey and return it by Tuesday, Aug. 22. Your responses will help me to know your child better. I would like to schedule conferences with all of my new third grade parents and the parents of my students who are new to Mid-Pacific. Please email me so that we can arrange a time to meet. I look forward to getting to know all of my new families! Thank you!

You can expect more information this coming week regarding the iPads. We will be sending home information regarding the set up of your child's iPad. If you have not completeed the AUP, please do so. We can't send home the iPads until this is completed.

As a parent, one of your most valuable resources for technology/iPad information is the "Parent Portal" in MyPueo. At the bottom of the of the page is a tab labeled, "iPad Information." When you click on this tab, it takes you to the school iPad Information page. The menu on the left is full of links that are very informative. I use the "iPad Help & Guides" page frequently. Most of the iPad issues you encounter are addressed here. I will often go to this link before I seek Mr. Scott's assistance. It is an invaluable resource for parents and students.

Also coming up this week:

Tuesday is our class picture taking. Information regarding picture taking was sent home in the home folders on Friday.

Wednesday, our first book orders are due. You can order online, or have your child give me the order to place.

We have had a lot of fun this week getting to know each other. The students in our class are an amazing group of learners. We are going to have a busy and exciting year of learning ahead of us! I look forward to sharing our upcoming year with you at our Gr. 3-5 Open House on Thursday, Sept. 7th. Please remember to find child care because Open House is for parents only.

Thank you in advance for your support of our class! Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions or concerns you may have.


Torry Montes


Expressing our joy (and silliness) at the end of our first week!