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A New Teacher Candidate

Posted on January 22, 2010

by Ms. Montes on January 22, 2010

We have a new UH teacher candidate with us this semester.  We are so happy to welcome Kimiko Yerick to our classroom, who is posting the following letter of introduction:

Hello!  My name is Kimiko Yerick, and I am a teacher candidate from UH Manoa.  I will be  in your child's classroom to learn more about becoming an educator and continue my training.  I have had some previous experience working with elementary age children prior to my field work.  I have worked as a teacher's assistant during intersession.  I have also worked for the afterschool program at my martial arts school.  At my martial arts studio, I was in charge of creating the lesson plans for the afterschool program that we ran.  I also helped the children with their homework, had them participate in other engaging activities and games, and took them on short field trips.
Finally, this past semester I worked at Hickam Elementary in a second grade class and taught a few classes while I was there. My mentor teacher was Valerie Yamakawa, and I learned a lot from her and believe that my skills as a teacher candidate have grown thanks to her help and encouragement.   I created short mini lessons for the class in math, science, health, social studies, visual and performing arts.  In addition to this, I chaperoned at a field trip to see a play called the Nightingale.  I also attended school events. which included a school parade and a fall festival where I helped run one of the game booths.
I am very excited about working with your child this school year and am there to support your child's learning and growth.  I will be working with your child's teacher to help them develop as an individual.  I plan to do this by having the class be actively engaged and asking questions.  I also plan on doing hands-on activities with the students.  My philosophy is that each student is unique, and that it is up to me as a teacher to help use that uniqueness to help my students grow as individuals.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me. 
Email:   kimiko.yerick@gmail.com
Thank you!
Kimiko Yerick