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Operation Observation!

Posted on October 3, 2017

by Ms. Holzman on October 3, 2017

Last Friday, Noio Rooms 2 and 3 went to Nu'uanu Reservoir, Kea'ahala Stream, and Waipao Valley as part of our inquiry on Watersheds.

Prior to this research trip, our class worked on what it meant to observe. We compiled a list of important observation skills to have while observing. As a class, we went out into the field (several times) to test our observations strategies and perfect them. We explored different perspectives, a "close view" as well as a "wide view." We drew pictures, recorded our observations and revised our list before we were satisfied with our strategies.

The morning began with a buzz of excitement as we entered the Nu'uanu Reservoir. We saw beautiful native plants, waterfalls, and felt the cool breeze from the trade winds.


Lots of questions were being tossed -- "Why is it so cold here?" "Where is all the rain coming from, it wasn't raining a minute a ago?"

"Why are there so few native plants now as compared to before?"



The next stop, the channelized stream, Kea'ahala. The children were horrified at how commercial this stream looked after being in the natural beauty of the the reservoir.

More questions and observations arose, "Why did someone pave this?"

"Is the wildlife in this stream thriving?" "Where are the native plants?"


Finally, we ended our day in Waipao, in Kaneohe. The children had the wonderful opportunity to sit by the stream, listen, sketch, ask questions and compare the two streams they visited.



What a great day we had observing, asking questions, and wondering about our islands' watersheds.

We look forward to the next research trip and continuing to build our knowledge through observations!