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Building Community, One Apple at a Time!

Posted on August 24, 2017

by Ms. Holzman on August 24, 2017

The beginning of the year is a time for creating a sense of community, and our classroom is the gathering place. In Noio 3/4H, it is my goal to have all the children feel secure, nurtured and supported by the environment, and each other. Our new group of third graders brings with them different interests, abilities, cultures, and families. Each child arrived at my door with a rich background of experience that enhances our class on a daily basis. By demonstrating our acceptance of all children's backgrounds, experiences, and viewpoints, we are trying to create an environment that says, "All are welcome here." At the same time, the third and fourth grade students are trying to model ways they would like to be treated. The goal is to celebrate individuals while creating a sense of community.

After a great discussion on what a class community was, the children did an awesome and fun activity to show how we care for and respect each other.

Each child wrote their name on a bright red puzzle piece. After all pieces were filled out, the children had the tremendous task of putting the pieces together to create " a giant apple." It was a difficult activity as there were over 30 pieces!


The children quickly broke into groups. Working together, each group completed



a section of the apple.

Eventually, the groups merged together to create the picture you see below! The apple was tacked together and placed on our bulletin board.

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

As the pieces of the apple puzzle were fitting together, I explained to the children, that just as a puzzle is made up of many pieces that create one large picture, so is a classroom made up of different kinds of children. I continued to explain that each child in this class is unique, different, and special in your own way. As you come together and are interlocked (like the puzzle pieces) into one group (3/4H), you are much like a completed puzzle that has been put together by fitting the different pieces together. The result is something better than each piece alone. In this classroom you are stronger together. You are a team; you are Noio 3/4H.

Please feel free to come into our classroom and see our lovely, "Apple Puzzle" which is displayed on our bulletin board. Come and see what makes our class so special this year!