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3/4 Holzman

Parent/Teacher Conferences and iPad Information

Posted on May 9, 2017

by Ms. Holzman on May 9, 2017

May 16, 2017

Dear Gr. 3/4 Parents,

Your child is coming home with his or her iPad in order to view the ePortfolio on Evernote and to prepare it for the iPad collection next week. It is a privilege and a responsibility to be able to bring the iPads home. Please remind your child that the iPad is primarily for school use. It should be used responsibly and respectfully for viewing the ePortfolio.

Please have your child bring his or her iPad back to school no later than Monday, May 22nd. On the back of this sheet are the instructions for preparing your child's iPad for the collection.

With your child, please look through your child's ePortfolio on Evernote. Remember to read and enjoy the ePortfolio and continua together before your child's conference. Once you have looked through your child's ePortfolio and continua, please fill out this form. Please bring this form to your conference on Thursday or Friday, where you will share these thoughts with your child and me at the conference. Enjoy!


The 3/4 Multiage Team


Two Compliments and One Wish for ___________________________'s Learning.






iPad Collection Dates

For Elementary School, iPads will be collected in the classrooms on May 22.

We will send iPads home in a ziploc bag. In the bag will be your child's iPad in its case, the password "cheat sheet," the charging block and cable and the original cardboard iPad box. Return the iPad and other items in the Ziploc bag. Please complete the following tasks in preparation for collection:

What you need to do to prepare for collection

Backup iPad to iCloud - iPad should backup nightly if connected to wifi and on charge (Guide:

Check for damages to the iPad - broken glass, dented corners, etc. If you find damage, elementary students should show damage to their classroom teacher who will make note of it for the Technology Department

Locate the school-owned iPad charger and USB to lightning cable. (We have sent home the set that was brought into school at the beginning of the year).

IF YOUR CHILD IS DEPARTING Mid-Pacific Institute, please see additional items here:

Backing up to iCloud is important to avoid data loss. Students having difficulty backing up their iPad to iCloud should see Scott Yoshinaga at the Elementary technology center to get assistance. Mid-Pacific does not assume responsibility for any lost data.

Remove the iPad from its case and place it in the cardboard box to return to school.

Please do not reset the iPad, we will reset them in class.

ALL iPADS, and school issued charging blocks and lightning cables should returned to school no later than MONDAY, MAY 22nd.

At the start of the school year, STUDENTS ENTERING GRADE 5 ONLY will have the opportunity to take the iPad home to work on school assignments. Please purchase a case for the new iPad. Case information can be found here:

Students entering 4th Grade will have access to iPads via a cart in their classroom. Parents will not need to purchase a case for these iPads.

Thank you for your assistance with the iPad collection.


Tiffany Byrne, Jane Farwell, Arlene Holzman, Torry Montes