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Inquiry:The Wetlands: Inquiry

Posted on April 21, 2017

by Ms. Holzman on April 21, 2017

On Thursday April 20, our class, along with Mrs. Montes' class shared about our wetlands inquiry with the rest of the elementary school.


We talked about the information that Kumu Leong shared with us about the wetlands and wetland birds. Kumu Leong also took us on a research trip. The first place we visited was the BYU Hawai'i Natural History Museum where we got to see models of wetland birds. Afterwards we got to visit the James Campbell Wetlands where we got to see wetland birds in their natural habitat.


With the information we gathered through our research trips and through our inquiry time in class, we decided to make field guides for wetlands birds.


We also decided to create a model of a wetland in our classroom. Along with Mrs. Day in Art we created 3d and 2d models of our wetland birds to put into our replica.


To see presentations of these field guides and our wetlands model, please join us for an open house on May 23rd from 1pm to 2pm


Jason Fukushima