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Scientists in the Making!

Posted on February 14, 2017

by Ms. Holzman on February 14, 2017

Dear Parents,

Next Tuesday, 2/28 (10:00-11:40am) we will be visiting Mānoa Stream with our UH stream expert, Cory Yap. The children will be doing a biological survey of the stream, which will help Mr. Yap with his data collection. In order to prepare your child please read the following:

*Wear clothes that can get dirty and possibly wet.

*If your family has felt bottom Tabis, please send them to school even if they are too big. These are the best shoes for the work they will be doing in the stream.

*Send your child to school with thick socks (If they do not own Tabis they will be borrowing a pair from Mr. Yap that might be a little bit big. The socks will help.)

*Change of clothes (Just in case. Students will most likely not be getting wet past their knees).

*Water bottle

*Apply bug spray and sunscreen before coming to school.

We are all very excited about this trip to Mānoa stream. Please check next week's blog for pictures about this wonderful opportunity!