Getting Ready for Waimea Valley - Mid-Pacific Institute

3/4 Holzman

Getting Ready for Waimea Valley

Posted on February 21, 2017

by Ms. Holzman on February 21, 2017

Dear Parents,

On Thursday, March 9, our class will be visiting Waimea Valley to participate in the Ke Awawa o Waimea (the Valley of Waimea) school program.

Students will listen to the history of Waimea, see rare Native Hawaiian plants, discover Kau Hale (their traditional living site), explore Kamananui Stream, experience a Hawaiian game site and spend some time with Waimea Valley's Hawaiian specialist learning about the native wetland animals in the valley.

The entire field trip will take place outdoors, and we will be doing a lot of digging, walking, observing and enjoying the natural wonders of Waimea Valley.

On the day of the field trip, you can help ensure your child has an enjoyable day by sending your child to school on time and well rested. Please make sure they have the following:

  1. A water bottle. Please label it with your child's full name.
  2. Raingear.
  3. A cap or hat.
  4. Clothing that can get dirty (please wear an old Mid-Pacific t-shirt).
  5. Closed toe shoes (no slippers or crocs) that can get dirty.
  6. A snack.
  7. A backpack.

*Please come to school with sunscreen and mosquito repellent already on.

**Lunch will be provided that day for everyone by Waimea Valley ( see attached menu).

Since we will be traveling to the North Shore and have a full day planned with fun discoveries in the great outdoors, we will not be back on campus until 3pm.

Dismissal for all 3/4 students will be at the upper outline from 3-3:15pm. All other students will go to after school care.

We look forward to an action packed day!

If you have any questions about this field trip, please contact your child's teacher.


Tiffany Byrne

Arlene Holzman

Lucy Masa

Torry Montes

Lunch Buffet

Garden salad with cucumbers, carrots, cherry tomatoes

Ranch or Papaya seed dressing

Waimea Valley Pasta Salad

Fresh Fruit Salad


Kalua pig sliders

Fresh made tuna salad

Turkey and cheese

Avocado, lettuce and Tomato

Lemonade and Pog Juice

* Waimea Valley has been informed of all student allergies