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Design Thinking

Ka Papa Lo'i o Kanewai: Part 1

Posted on September 13, 2017

by Leilani Sills on September 13, 2017

For students in advanced design thinking, their first field trip came early! Today we walked over to Ka Papa Lo'i o Kanewai at UH Manoa to work on their first immersive project with 360video.

The purpose of this field trip is to:

  1. Get a practical application of Design Thinking in the real world
  2. Hands-on learning of how to shoot and edit 360 video
  3. Real life experience working at the lo'i to create a documentary to share with other students
  4. Working with a client (Ka Papa Lo'i o Kanewai) and providing them with a product - the 360video



For some of the students, this was not their first time at the lo'i but for others, it was their first chance to see and learn. Kahikina did the opening protocol for our class and we were greeted by Kumu Emmalani, an instructor at Windward Community College and graduate student at UH Manoa. Students were told the mo'olelo, or history, of Kanewai and they learned about the various within Kanewai. They got to walk up stream and learn how water was diverted to feed the lo'i and how it then reconnects to the stream, cleaner than it was when it entered.


In addition to this, students helped to malama the 'aina by picking up the leaves that fell on the ground. It was a great way to see this Hawaiian value in action - malama (many hands working together). With 30 hands, we were able to pick up all of the leaves in a short amount of time and then use it to feed the lo'i.




Students got to then get their feet dirty by helping to stomp the leaves into the mud, releasing the nitrogen and nutrients back into the earth to help feed the lo'i.




Over the next couple of weeks, students will learn how to stitch the 360 footage that was taken at Kanewai and create their documentary.