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Newspaper Shoes

Posted on August 29, 2017

by Leilani Sills on August 29, 2017

One of the first design thinking challenges we did this year used newspaper and tape. Students were randomly assigned to groups and asked to "Create a nice looking pair of shoes that a person can put on and take off (like your regular shoes) and walk across the room in."

The purpose of this activity was to:

  1. Assess students in collaboration, critical thinking, and communication
  2. Create a situation where time and materials are a design constraint

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Students were given two 80 minute class periods to come up with their design. The rules were simple:

  1. Must be made only of Newspaper and Tape. The sole of the shoe may be made of cardboard.
  2. Work together as a team to find a way to make the newspaper as strong as leather. Think about folding, joining, and crumpling. You can make laces, buckles,heels, bows, and bells.
  3. You can use scissors to cut the tape and paper.

In a short amount of time, students came up with an assortment of shoes! It was interesting to see how students developed their ideas and worked through design flaws. In the end, everyone was successful! They even made it to the Middle School office from our classroom to show off their shoes to the Deans and Dr. Priester.

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