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Design Thinking in Action: MLTS in Hawaii

Posted on January 28, 2017

by Leilani Sills on January 28, 2017

A wise man once said,

"Tell me and I'll forget. Show me and I may remember. Involved me and I learn."

Benjamin Franklin

In 2015, the film, Most Likely to Succeed, was released in hopes to inspire and empower communities across the country to revolutionize education for the 21st century.

Most Likely to Succeed Trailer from One Potato Productions on Vimeo.

In 2016, Ted Dintersmith traveled to Hawaii and visited at Mid-Pacific. He spoke with students and his film was later screened for parents and the public. Recently, Dr. Tony Wagner, Expert in Residence at Harvard's new Innovation Lab, spent the day at Mid-Pacific observing teachers and students. Both Dintersmith and Dr. Wagner believe that students at Mid-Pacific are 21st century ready and can be an example to other students, educators, and schools across the nation.

This month, students have been given the opportunity to work with a real client from Most Likely to Succeed in Hawaii. Students have been tasked to be a part of group that will design, construct, and put in place a system where micro-innovation videos can be posted by educational institutions, that shows Hawaii is a 21st century state, in hopes that this channel can become a model to the rest of the nation and world.

A project like this is the first of it's kind and gives students the chance to experience design thinking in action. This project is cross-curricular and involves students in grade 7 & 8 who are taking digital storytelling, design thinking, and advanced design thinking.

Throughout January we have had a couple of special guests on campus. Josh Reppun, who has promoted Most Likely to Succeed here in Hawaii, came to kick-off this project by speaking to some of our students about his needs as a client. We then worked to empathize with his needs by viewing the documentary, "Ka Helena A'o: The Learning Walk" and discussed how we could share stories of micro-innovation from across the state. In addition to this, local comedia, Pashyn Santos and members of 808Viral came to campus to share their ideas and advice about the importance of organizing and planning in the creation of a successful project.

Ka Helena A'o Trailer from Kelsey Matsu on Vimeo.

Students in advanced design thinking have been identified as "project managers" for this project and have created proposals of management ideas of creating a source of micro-innovative videos for their client and potential viewers. As project managers, these students will serve as the curators and decision makers and one last filter before videos are posted.

Our next step in this project is to generate a list of videos from schools across the state in hopes to do a soft launch in February to complete the design cycle by getting feedback from our client and Ted Dintersmith and revising the channel before going public. This is definitely a big undertaking but I am confident our students will be successful in meeting the needs of our client and being a part of this movement to change education as we know it.

I look forward to seeing the outcome of this project and hope you do as well!